Twitch Emotes/Badges

The Hive emotes:

Subs: Tier 1 – cropped-hivetwitchlove.png BeeHype118 BeeFacePalm112 Hiya56  Tier 2 – BeeCRY112  Tier 3 –  Strawb112

With each Tier you get to use the ones before. For example: If you sub to a Tier 2, you also have use of the Tier 1 emotes. If you sub to a Tier 3, you have use of All of the emotes.

BTTV: BeeFight BeeLurk BeeSwoon SubHype BeeNope BeeCry BeeLove BeeRip FightPink FightTeal FightBlue FightPurple XenaCake HiveGremlin CancerSucks LearontheWind Unite LootOfHolding – must be typed in exactly as they are in chat caps/lower caps etc.

Loyalty badges for Subscribers: (They will change up for the Holidays)

Loyalty badges

All the above (with the exception of Hive heart) were created by the lovely Squirrel. Check out her Facebook HERE and Twitter @Squirribbles

The Hive pin up Miss Bee was also created by Squirrel.