Hollie Heartbreak Challenge

Hollie Heartbreak is not a fan of Valentines Day. To “Celebrate” in her own style she has challenged herself to break 7 hearts in 7 days.

You can find Hollie and her house under my Sims4 Gallery name Miss_Beehave8

You may use the Romantic aspirations/traits, BUT to make it more challenging restrict the Romantic/Alluring/Great Kisser traits/reward traits.

You must reach these stages in the relationship before Hollie can break hearts.

  1. Go on a date
  2. First Kiss
  3. Significant Other/Boyfriend/Girlfriend
  4. Marriage
  5. Then Heartbreak

My first play through it was a challenge but Hollie did end up breaking 7 hearts in 7 days. It wasn’t one everyday, you may have more than one or none on a certain day.

Feel free to adjust this challenge any way you like. Most of all . . . Have Fun!