Witcher Castaway Island Challenge

Witcher Castaway Island BackStory:

Geralt pushed through the door taking in the tavern. The heavy smell of cheap booze, a hard days earned sweat mixed with herbs and flowers lingered in the air. His scan of the room found Sigi’s profile lit by a single candle at a corner table covered in shadows. He made his way past a group of men playing Gwent to Sigi.

“Please, sit.” Sigi waved his hand at the chair across from him.

The chair creaked precariously as Geralt sat down. “This better be short. I have places to be, things to find.”

“I may be able to help with that.” Sigi nodded to a serving wench that passed the table.  

Geralt placed his forearms on the table and looked around. “Odd place to meet. Why not the bathhouse?”

“It’s still in a bit of an untidied state since the . . .” Sigi cleared his throat “Philippa  incident.” Sigi pulled out a rolled-up parchment and set it down on the table.

Geralt leaned back in his chair crossing his arms. “Get to the Point.”

Sigi went silent as a mug of ale was placed in front of him and Geralt. He gave the woman a wink and watched her saunter away before turning back to Geralt. “I heard through my contacts that your horse has gone missing and I may know where to look.”

Geralt took in a deep breath and gave a slight nod.

 “My men ran into something peculiar when scouting an Island. It seems that you are able to step foot on the Island but you cannot make your way off. A barrier of sorts it seems, or maybe a curse? You have a knack for breaking curses.”

Geralt leaned forward. “How do you know it was Roach?”

“By the saddle and annoyed look on its face.” Sigi smirked at him.

“Funny.” Geralt tapped his fingers on the table and glance over at the men shouting at each other over which Gwent deck was the best a couple of tables down. “Where is Roach?”

“The Island I spoke of, two of my men are stuck on it. One of them recognized your horse and asked the others who did not step foot on the Island for word to be sent to me. I decided to contact you.”

“What’s in it for you? What is the name of this cursed Island?”

“Castaway Island.” Sigi lifted his mug and took a deep drink.

“How original. Still, what is in it for you?”

“There is.” Sigi let out a sigh. “There is, if you must know, part of Count Reuven’s Treasure is on that Island. If you find it, I will give you a share.”

“There is more?” Geralt frowned narrowing his eyes.

“I may have left out the part that more of that treasure was elsewhere.” Sigi tried to look innocent and did not succeed.

Sigi slid the scroll across the table along with a small coin pouch. “Consider it a favor for a favor. I lost men on that Island and would like to know if they are dead or alive along with the supplies that were lost along with them. Those supplies are worth its weight in gold” Sigi let out a laugh “Literally”

Geralt unrolled the scroll and studied the map. “I’ll see what I can do. Roach comes first.”

“I understand.” Sigi watched as Geralt stood and strode out the door.

Geralt stepped off the boat onto the dock leading to the Island. The sky above was turning dark, a storm was coming. He walked up to where his medallion began to hum and he looked to where the barrier should be.

He looked to a clump of trees where the sound of a horse trotting was coming his way. Roach came into view and stopped just short of the barrier.

Geralt crossed his arms and looked Roach over to make sure she was not hurt. He smirked and shook his head. “Still kinda strange, how you can cross the ocean when I call . . .”

Roach cocked her head and narrowed her eyes.  

“. . . and you get stuck on an Island.”

Roach let out an irritated snort as Geralt stepped through the barrier. He turned around placing his hands on the barrier trying to push through.

“Looks like we have a challenge ahead of us.” Roach nipped at Geralts arm and led him to a shelter where he finds a chest with a scroll in it explaining the challenges he needs to meet in order to get off the Island.

And thus, our Quest begins.  

(Now wouldn’t it be Awesome if we had horses in the Sims 4 to put Roach actually on the Island with Geralt?)

I do have a Witcher Castaway Island build on the Sims4 Gallery – Miss_Beehave8. Also, for a simpler Island look at Nando’s island his Origin ID is SimplyNando. If you use my island be sure to remove the area where you walk your Sim onto the lot so they don’t escape the Island 😉 Also, several packs were used in creating the Island. No worries if you don’t have them, it just may take away and add other items to replace the ones you don’t have. The items for the challenge will not be hindered, just changed. Of course, for the full effect and look of the Island you’d have to have all of the packs.

You can either use your own Sim or I’ve created a Geralt with and without custom content for you to use or there are many more on the Sims 4 Gallery. There is now a handy dice roll for the Sims traits. Do this if you wish to randomize the traits which may just make things a bit more interesting. This challenge is based off of SimplyNando’s Sims 4 Castaway challenge. Unfortunately, I don’t have a link to the challenge, it seems to be broken so this is not an exact but closely based off of it with some new additions due to packs etc.

As with all Sims Challenges, feel free to adjust anything to your liking and your choice of game play. And . . . Have Fun!

To make it Really interesting, use Seasons. And Geralt is allowed to call the sadness hotline, but no other contact and use Simstigram.

To avoid bills you can use the cheat households.autopay_bills. Or Geralt can pay bills on his phone.

The Island is created as such that you will have to use the “teleport” cheat.

What’s the Endgame? – Reach level 10 of the logic skill and Geralt will have the knowledge to be able to defeat the boundary/curse and leave the Island.

If you leave the lot trait to having “Creepy Crawlies”. BEFORE you start the Challenge, you are allowed to go to Selvadorada to buy one Poison antidote to use in the game. Trust me, you may need it. The items you get from going on vacation, spider spray and machete you can keep.

Geralt is allowed to call the Sadness Hotline, Add to Simstigram Story and Check Social Media Timeline. They make only a slight difference and nothing too significant where I wouldn’t allow it.

Items included on the Island for the Geralt to use (just in case they disappeared because of not having the packs):

  • Wood working bench
  • Fire pit
  • Bench
  • Sink
  • Easel
  • Fruit trees and food plants
  • Fishing sign located near where the Sim enters the Island- if this disappears I found “rooms” with the sign in the Sims 4 Gallery.

Geralt’s Challenges:

Before you can get any perks you must:

  • Reach level 5 of the handiness skill, fitness skill, music skill, and painting skill.
    • Once you reach level 5 of the handiness (wood working etc.) skill and have created a wooden copy of Roach you can place the toilet on the island.
    • Once you reach level 5 of the Witcher training skill (fitness) you can place the bathtub on the island.
    • Once you reach level 5 of the lute (violin) and think you are worthy of Dandelion’s praise you can place the bed on the island.
    • Once you reach level 5 of the painting skill creating art worthy of Ciri’s Little Princess painting you can place a trashcan on the island.
    • Next . . .
  • When all of the above is completed you may place the chess table on the Island. You may re-arrange furniture to add the bed inside.
  • If you would like even more of a challenge you can add some Witcher characters (Triss, Yen, etc.) to make things interesting by distracting Geralt from his tasks. You may add shelter similar to Geralt’s current dwelling size of 5×4, bed, sink, fire pit and bench. If you add 2 characters – only add one bed, If you add 3 or more characters you may add two beds. No extra decor allowed but feel free to leave all walls or delete some like Geralt’s shelter. I would say yes to more beds but this is a Challenge after all. Remember you will have to try and keep them alive also until Geralt hits level 10 in the logic skill.

Once you have reached level 10 of the logic skill CONGRATULATIONS! You have finished the challenge and Geralt and Roach may leave the Island.